Cash Flow Management Course

There is so much confusion in the world today on the subject of money, finance and economics.  There is also a great deal of false data.  If a practice owner or practice manager doesn’t know what they are doing, they can find themselves in a heap of trouble very quickly. 

To be cause over your own prosperity doesn’t mean that you must devour vast quantities of data, study vast tomes, go to college for four years or be a CPA.  You just need to know the basic principles of financial management and they are all here in this course.

This course MUST be done by the Practice Owner and Practice Manager and neither could be considered fully, fully trained until this has been done.  The reason is simply that these people are ultimately responsible for the financial health of the practice.  This course contains the meat and potatoes data that you need to know and apply to keep your practice on top – way on top – of the financial water line. You can apply this to your personal life as well.

The Cash Flow Management Course has been worked on for nearly a year.  It was surveyed, piloted, revised and modified further on several occasions.  What you see here is the end result of all that. 

The course has a video host, experienced consultant and speaker Mr. Mark DeEulio. We shot several short, 5-10 minute videos with Mark and the course comes with a thumb drive of those videos. The checksheet tells you when to pop the drive in and watch the various videos. They appear at different points of the course and in each Mark gives a summation of data you just studied in that section.

There are new articles that have written to give you some good examples of application.  As well, there are samples of every form you would need to conduct sound financial planning each week for your practice.

The course can be done in a few weeks with part-time study through our online training platform, StudyJet.  You don’t have to travel to our Clearwater facility to do it (though you could if you desired). The money saved on this alone will be more than enough to pay for the course. You only need to travel as far as your workstation monitor or laptop.

Prerequisites: Basic Study Tech Course

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