Emotions in the Workplace

What Does Emotion Have To Do With Success?

Emotions impact your practice and personal life in numerous ways. They can be for better or for worse and they play a large role in your practice success.

Understanding emotions and knowing how to correctly respond to different emotions you encounter in your practice is vital to your practice being a success. Once you can properly respond to different emotions, you’ll be able to resolve many situations that cause stress.

emotions in the workplace

On this course you’ll learn:

  • An understanding of the different emotions and how each impact those around them positively or negatively
  • How people at different emotional levels react and behave differently
  • How to recognize and respond to each of the different emotions people manifest
  • And more

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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say:

emotions in the workplace

“The Emotions in the Workplace course has been life changing. The instructor was amazing, and this made it fun to learn the date. I have changed my approach to people depending on their emotional state and have found great success at both keeping people in line in my personal life and in my practice and find that it makes me a much happier person. I find it challenging and fun now to deal with people at different emotional levels. I want to watch them come up the scale. It’s amazing how this works and how it changes how people respond to me. My marriage is better, my kids are in line and overall life has gotten easier at the urgent care for me as I deal with many different people with different emotions. They honestly don’t know what to make of me at work!”

“In doing the Emotions in the Workplace course, I was able to learn how to recognize not only how my emotional state may be affecting others around me, but how to recognize that in others as well. I think this will continue to help me in building a successful group of patients and co-workers.” 
-A. D., RN, BSN 

“From starting this course a few weeks ago, I have gained a greater and deeper understanding of the different emotions and how important it is to use this data in my daily routine. I had studied this quite some time ago and have always been aware, however have not utilized it as I will be able to now. The instructor did a wonderful job of presenting the material and actually made it fun. I recommend these courses for everyone.” 
-G.W., DC 

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Emotions in the Workplace

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