Epoch Practice Analysis – Additional Questions

Epoch Practice Analysis - additional Qs
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25. What marketing is being done, both successful and unsuccessful:
a. Public Education Workshop?
b. Do you have in-house events?
c. Events put on at clients’ homes?
d. Open Houses or Health Fairs or screenings?
e. Books & Brochures?
f. Birthday cards?
g. Special offers?
h. Gathering Testimonials?
i. Gathering Video Testimonials?
j. Email Blasts?
k. Do you send a regular Newsletter?
l. External Talks?
m. Networking?
n. Do you run ads on Facebook?
o. Do you have a Reactivation Program?
p. Do you have a Referral Program?
q. Do you send postcards promoting events or specials?
r. Is there a Promo Calendar (schedule)?

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