Establishment Director Mini Course and Full Course


The Establishment Department puts the practice there.  Its functions are vital to a viable and expanding practice.  They are SO vital that somebody (or everybody) has already been coping to get them done.  Your Front-Desk Check-In is in this department.  So is hiring.  Who does your hiring now?  Who makes sure there is an organizing board and that it is kept current?  Who ensures the staff knows this organizational pattern?  Who grooves a new staff member in on general policy and the specifics of the job he or she will be doing?  Who ensures they are very quickly made productive?  Who ensures there is a complete post writeup – not a 2-page job description – for every position?  Who archives those writeups?  Who ensures the phone system is working and gets it quickly repaired if it isn’t? Who ensures that the computer network is functional and secure?  Who ensures the mail going out goes out?  Who collects statistics, gets them posted, examined, acted upon?  Who inspects areas of steep up or down statistics and gathers data on these for management to act on?  Who ensures a high ethics standard in the practice and enforces it?

While the Mini Course familiarizes you with the functions of this area and enables you to get rolling, the Full Course provides the entire enchilada.

In truth, this area is the generation point for an organization that can not only get things done but which can expand to accommodate an increasing flow of new and existing patients through the practice.

The Expansion Department determines whether your practice remains small, suffering squad mentality, or grows into an organization that can expand without exhausting and overworking everyone involved.

Do it now!

Prerequisite: Study Technology Basics Course

“This course was a very good reminder of how each department of an organization is broken down. It helps me to understand my role or position better, and will help me to look for ways I can improve the flow of our practice. This course was very easy for me to understand. Tutors are incredibly helpful and supportive. No suggestions for improvement at this time. Just keep up the excellent work!”
Debbie Suarez

“This course paired with the training I got at the Advanced Communication courses has already started helping me handle situations in the office! Our stats are already up!” – Felicia Tucker

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