Introductory Management Courses

Keys to Success Course

  • The one simple factor that determines a practice’s income.  This fact must be known and fully followed by owners or their practice will suffer.
  • The most effective way to attract interest resulting in more patients and income. In this lesson, you will figure out several different ways you can immediately do this.
  • Why your financial condition falters and what you can immediately do to get it stable again.

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Inner Game of Marketing Course

  • The two different attitudes you can have in your practice, and why one will repulse potential patients while the other will attract them like you were their best friend.
  • The two simple yet vital marketing commitments effective marketers have made to themselves. These two points alone summarize why they are so successful.
  • How crack marketers use good control to smoothly lead people to buy. This goes against our cultural programming but is absolutely necessary to get the marketing results we want.

How to Achieve Your Goals – An Introduction

  • Why people sometimes work hard to reach a goal but make no progress attaining it.
  • What you need to do step-by-step to make your business goals a reality.
  • How to achieve your ideal practice.

Formulas for Business Success

    • Every activity, person or area of life is in a condition or operating state at any given time, and there are exact formulas that can be followed for each condition so that it can be improved.
    • Being able to identify these conditions and having proven successful formulas to guide you takes the guesswork out of managing your business and your clients.

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