Introductory Management Courses

Epoch Practice Analysis

You can get an external view of your practice’s strengths and weaknesses from an experienced practice growth specialist, with advice on how you can get more personal income from your practice.

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Keys to Practice Success Course

  • The one simple factor that determines a practice’s income.  This fact must be known and fully followed by owners or their practice will suffer.
  • The most effective way to attract interest resulting in more patients and income. In this lesson, you will figure out several different ways you can immediately do this.
  • Why your financial condition falters and what you can immediately do to get it stable again.

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How to Achieve Your Goals – An Introduction

How do you get your practice from where it is now to where you want it to be? What steps could you take to lessen the stress and confusion in your practice?

In “How to Achieve Your Goals – An Introduction” you’ll learn the basics of how you start achieving your practice goals. Having a goal for your practice is only Step ONE, what you do after that determines whether you have a small, struggling practice or a big, booming and successful one. Some people work very hard to reach a goal but make no progress attaining it. With this course you’ll learn the step-by-step system to achieve ANY goal.

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Improving Your Standard of Living

Some people have a higher standard of living than others. Is it because they work harder? Did they just get lucky? Is there some trick they’ve learned to “get rich quick”?

In actual fact, there is an exact law that governs a person’s, or a practice’s, standard of living. If it’s violated the standard of living will go down every time. And if followed intelligently a person’s standard of living will steadily grow!

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The Primary Law of Personal Success

Is it enough to just “work harder” and “try to get more done?” What is the key to increasing production in a practice? Lack of understanding of the principles of production has led to the exact type of traps hidden throughout our current culture that suck people into low morale, failure of goals and financial ruin.

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