Improving Your Standard of Living

What Determines Your Personal Standard of Living?

Some people have a higher standard of living than others. Is it because they work harder? Did they just get lucky? Is there some trick they’ve learned to “get rich quick”?

In actual fact, there is an exact law that governs a person’s, or a practice’s, standard of living. If it’s violated the standard of living will go down every time. And if followed intelligently a person’s standard of living will steadily grow!

On the “Improving Your Standard of Living” course, you will learn the basic economic law back of this. You’ll also learn practical applications to this, so you can take them and expand your practice and personal income right away. Find out what you can do to start raising your standard of living towards your ideal!

On this course you’ll learn:

  • The one basic economic law that determines the standard of living of a practice owner, a manager, an entire practice or an individual
  • Six foolish actions that practice owners can (and often do) take that will sometimes win popularity contests but, in the end, will collapse their practice
  • Why practices can wind up with low standards and what you need to do to fix this
  • And more!

Start achieving your practice goals…
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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say:

“The Improving Your Standard of Living course was extremely important to me. I have been struggling with finances for years, and now I understand some basics of how production and finances affect the overall functioning of both my business and my quality of life. As a result of taking this course, I have less worry (based on previously not knowing how to think about what is truly important) and I now have much more understanding of how to think, plan and produce. The exercises and drills were effective and helped with my understanding.”
-L.G., DC

 “The Improving Your Standard of Living course was awesome. It really showed me where my business needed to be to support the lifestyle I want for myself, family and staff. It helped me put concrete numbers to what had always felt like theoretical goals. Thank you!”
-L.W., DC

“I learned more about the application of sound financial principles as well as reasons to increase productivity and training for staff. We set our sights on what level of production would allow my desired lifestyle just in time to dial in the yearly projections for staff and myself. The instructor helped to really make these numbers and projections real and achievable. Where we currently are has little relevance to where we soon will be.”
-B.S., DC

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EPM Improving Your Standard of Living

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