Find Out What’s Holding You Back
with the On-Site Practice Analysis

The On-Site Practice Analysis brings a Practice Management Specialist to your office to personally evaluate your practice. Get a first-hand analysis of your practice, your staff, your finances and your promotion, to find out if any of these factors are blocking you from achieving your goals for the practice. The Practice Management Specialist will also help you discover the top “priority” that needs to be handled for the practice to grow.

Purpose & Result: The purpose of the On-Site Analysis is to assist the practice owner in locating the biggest barrier to the growth of their practice. From there, we will lay out a program with a plan of action on how to tackle the situation(s) that are found during the On-Site Analysis. Your existing resources will be taken into consideration so your program will be real and doable.

By addressing and removing the barriers found, you will experience more production, expansion and ultimately revenue!

What to Expect During the Analysis:

1. Before Your On-Site Analysis:

Your On-Site often starts before we walk in the door! By sending us requested information such as practice statistics, Profit & Loss (or Income & Expenses), etc., our Practice Management Specialist will start his/her evaluation and quickly zero in on key areas of your practice upon arrival. We will email you outlining exactly what information we are looking for. If you don’t have some of the information, don’t sweat it – we’ll gather what we need when we are there.

2. On-Site Analysis:

The Practice Management Specialist will interview you and the staff, observe the office, and gather information (which is kept confidential) to identify what actions are successful and should be supported, and what needs to be changed or implemented to remove any barriers to you achieving your practice goals. This step is done over a two day period.

3. Practice Analysis Report and Follow-Up:

A report and tailor-made program is constructed and given to you within two weeks of the on-site visit. A consultant then works with you over the next 5-10 weeks to help you implement the steps of the program for maximal success.

Clients Speak

“The investment for this analysis was returned quickly. Our 2017 average collections were $51,500 per month. Our collections for the first quarter of 2018 were $73,500 per month. The two day analysis has allowed me to grow and come closer to achieving our goal of a $1 million cash/nutrition practice and contribute to changing the way health care is delivered in the United States. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the 2 day evaluation.”
Marty Furlong, DC, Oakdale, MN

“Through the direction and training of UNS I am able to serve my community more in line with my goals as a practitioner. A few months ago I was encouraged to do an On-Site Analysis. I am glad I was listening and took the step forward. It has been one month since my On-Site Analysis, which was in October. Four weeks later I had the biggest month since I opened my practice. I doubled my practice in almost every aspect, and it happened with ease. I recommend an On-Site Analysis. It will help grow your practice allowing you to further fulfill your purpose. I am looking forward to continued growth and will do another On-Site in the future. Thank you UNS.”
Stephanie Bahlman, DC, San Angelo, TX

“A Management Specialist spent a few days in the office, and really saw the nooks and crannies. The nice thing about On-Site Analysis is that she came in and looked at the numbers and files, and all the things that consulting wasn’t able to do just talking over the phone. She really got the pulse of what was going on with our practice, and really just made some very simple suggestions on how to increase patient flow, and we’re already starting to see some very nice changes from that. It was extremely valuable. I’d highly recommend that the On-Site Analysis is done. This way Ulan Nutritional Systems can really help you build your practice. It was a great experience.”
Zachary Fatkin. DC, Reading, PA

Get an Outside, Expert View of Your Practice with the On-Site Practice Analysis

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