Fill Up Your Waiting Room

with the Practice Growth Acceleration Program

You need to be able to attract, close, and monitor patients’ progress in a way that ensures practice growth.

For this reason, we developed a new program which is going to help you get the maximum level of patient compliance along with an effective system to improve patient retention.

The Practice Growth Acceleration Management Program consists of six steps:

1. Marketing Basics Course

We teach you the basics of marketing so that you can confidently promote your services and get responses.

“I definitely feel like I have some new great tools to utilize in building business. This course has changed the way I viewed marketing and simplified the principles so it feels more manageable. I’m already seeing improvements in the areas where I’ve begun to make changes based on these principles.” – Rachel DiScala, DN

2. How to Make Your Strategy a Reality Course

You’ll learn the steps to formulate a strategy and make that strategy a reality.

“This course has driven home the saying that those who fail to plan – plan to fail. Achieving your overall goals doesn’t just happen and unfortunately I have (until this point) taken the approach of ‘I can’t afford the time for this much planning.’ But now I realize I can’t afford NOT to. Wrapping my brain around these concepts and degree of organization hasn’t been easy. Thankfully the instructor is very patient.” – Beth Ledda, ACNP-BC

3. Formulas for Practice Success Course

We give you the exact formulas needed to increase practice growth.

“This course was a real highlight for me. Each week, I couldn’t wait to learn more about the conditions and how to apply those conditions to my professional and personal life. This has been such an amazing eye opener on how conditions either improve or get worse, and how to identify the issues early and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to correct them.” – Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN, LDN

4. and 5. Advanced Communication Skills I & II Workshops

We give you the tools to effectively control your patients and handle distractions that keep you from staying focused.

6. Implementation Coaching

Once you are done with all the training modules above, we coach you on applying all the information to achieve true growth acceleration. The result is faster expansion without the stress that has always been part of the growth process in the past.

Make Real Practice Growth Happen Without the Stress, on the Practice Growth Acceleration Program

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