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As a practice owner, even if you have owned a practice for many years, you can benefit from training, to put you more in control of practice, instead of it controlling you. And the same goes for your office manager if you have one. Better control of the practice equals increased income for the practice and for you personally, and being better able to achieve your practice goals.

But we know from experience that the biggest hurdle any health care professional has when it comes to training is time away from the practice. This is a common barrier amongst ALL health care professionals no matter the discipline being used. 

There’s also the barrier of financial cost when it comes to sending your staff to UNS to train on anything. So online training seems to be an ideal solution. And it is.

BUT, online training also has a drawback. An individual is on his own when studying online.  You go online, study some material, answer some questions, do multiple-choice quizzes, etc.  You can also go past words you don’t understand, go blank, get drowsy, drift off into some daydream and have no one there to catch you when that happens or to talk with you and help you if you have questions. 

Well, we are very happy to tell you that we have that problem resolved. It is the next generation of online training, called Study Jet

We can now train 12 people at a time with one tutor. And we have several tutors. And that tutor can interact with each student and make sure they are progressing well with the course and understanding the materials.

Release of Hats and Mini Hats

We have been working for nearly a year on developing the materials needed to train the owners and staffs of health care practices. These are called “hats.” A hat in this case is defined as “the specific pack of material that a person needs to know to do his job.”

So you have a job. You wear a specific hat. If you don’t understand all the elements of that hat, including managing staff, finances, marketing, and organizing, that hat will manage YOU. But if you do understand all the elements, you will manage and control the hat.

Basic Study Technology

This course is a prerequisite to every hat.  It gives the most elementary technology on study so that a person has the basics needed on how to study and learn about something more effectively. 

This technology was missing throughout your schooling no matter what school you went to or where it was. We were always given things to study. Unfortunately, we were never taught how to study and thus how to learn. 

Needless to say, we would feel remiss without this simple little course, Basic Study Tech, being a prerequisite.  We want everyone to understand the training that you receive from UNS.  So it is a prerequisite to all the online hats.


Practice Owner & Practice Manager Full and Mini Hats

A mini hat familiarizes you with the job or position and get you up and running, producing something of value to exchange with the group, whereas a thorough study of the full hat for a job or position will put you in the driver’s seat.

The Practice Owner & Practice Manager Full and Mini Hat both have a checksheet (a list of the exact sequence of items to be studied by the student) that guides you through a mix of theory and practical exercises to give you a balance between the principles contained in the data and DOING something with the information.  If you can’t apply what you’ve learned, you haven’t actually learned it.

A mini hat can usually be done in a few hours.  A full hat contains a much greater volume of knowledge than a mini hat and can therefore take a few weeks of study to complete.

The full hat gives you the fundamentals for successfully managing a practice.  When these are known and can be intelligently applied, the quality of life improves for everyone involved.  In fact, when these fundamentals are not known or used, you, as a practice owner, become overworked, exhausted, unhappy.  This happens because of the lack of prosperity.  There won’t be enough money to afford competent help.  So the burden of all that must be done in the course of a routine week falls heavily onto the shoulders of, well – YOU mainly.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  It shouldn’t happen that way. 

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