Practice Owner & Manager Mini Course and Full Course


As an Owner, you can’t treat volumes of patients and also wear the manager hat. Somebody must manage your practice. These courses are for both you as the practice owner and for your manager. They cover the sequence of expansion, the basics of promotion, financial management fundamentals, the seven secrets of solvency, and more. The Mini Course covers the primary issues you need to know to get productive, while the Full Course covers this more in-depth. Once you have completed the Full Course, you will be in the driver’s seat of your practice.

A full course is much more comprehensive than a mini course.  It is the next gradient up from a mini hat.

Like every administrative course you do, both the Mini Course and Full Courses a checksheet that guides you through a mix of theory and practical exercises to give you a balance between the principles contained in the data and DOING something with the information.  If you can’t apply what you’ve learned, you haven’t actually learned it.

Whereas a Mini Course can familiarize you with the job or position and get you up and running, producing something of value to exchange with the group, a thorough study of the Full Course should put you in the driver’s seat.

A mini hat can usually be done in a few hours.  A full hat contains a much greater volume of knowledge than a mini hat and can therefore take a few weeks of study to complete.

“It was a very simple and easy way to learn the basic concepts of being an owner. I am excited to learn more about this in the next course.” – Serge Gregoire

“This course has been helpful for me to start to develop the role of an Office Manager. In 16 years of practice, I have never had an office manager. For some reason, I was dragging my feet to hire this role. I think, in part, this was because I was unclear as to what exactly an OM was. After completing this course, I am more motivated to find this person. I can see not only how helpful this will be going forward but how critical it will be for the practice to expand and maintain the same quality of care that we currently provide.”Kristy Harvell

I’m super happy to have done this course. I’m even more happy knowing my office manager and my husband are doing it, as I feel like I am now not the only one trying to get all of the tech in! In the past before this course, I feel like I sounded like a broken record trying to get correct actions in. Now I feel a sense of relief and encouragement, knowing that we will all be on the same page.” – Vicki Benson

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