Public Director Mini Course and Full Course


      These courses are all about driving more new patients into the practice.  Next to the marketing post in Department 2, this is probably the most creative post in the practice.  There are many, many, many ways to cause new patients.  This position ensures that there is an adequate volume of patient acquisition avenues open and flowing.  Its aim is to overwhelm the practice in sheer patient volume.  These courses contain details and ideas for all of the following:  Public Education Workshops, Open Houses, cooking classes; external events such as Wellness Parties (called Tea Parties in the Secrets Seminar), Dinner with the Doc, Lunch ‘n Learns, participation in local festivals.  Referral games and how to use raffles effectively.  And more!

      A practice (or any kind of organization for that matter) can exist and grow only in the presence of a public demand for its services or products.  The Public Department creates that demand and works tirelessly to strengthen it. 

      To be stable, any practice must rest on top of a solid foundation of patient acquisition. 

      As with all these courses, the Mini Course familiarizes one with the functions and gets things rolling and productive.  The Full Course provides a much greater volume of information to put you fully in the saddle. 

      These courses can be used at any stage of evolution.

      Prerequisite: Study Technology Basics Course

      “Marketing is one of my favorite areas of the business. I learned a lot on how we can continue to grow and get more people in that we can help to live longer, healthier, and more vivacious lives. I look forward to implementing the referral games in addition to the one we currently do with our patients. I think adding that plus games for the staff will absolutely help our office gain more patients as well as keep the morale of the staff up! It was perfect!” – Felicia Tucker

      “The detail of this course is invaluable. I feel like I have all the steps that I need to move forward successfully!
      Melanie Williams

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