Study Technology Basics

This course is a prerequisite to every StudyJet course.  It gives the most fundamental technology on study so that a person has the basics needed on how to study and learn about something. 

This technology was missing throughout your schooling no matter what school you went to or where it was.  We were always given things to study.  Unfortunately, we were never taught how to study and thus how to learn. 

Studying has much to do with understanding the words you are reading, learning how to spot when you’ve gone past a word you don’t understand and how to gain a conceptual understanding of that word.

As a result, we have become less and less literate.  Let me give you an example: Back in the 1800’s you had books written like Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.  How many of you have actually read Moby Dick?  That is not an easy book to read simply because it was written in the 1800’s when people had a larger vocabulary.  Within school texts used in the mid-1800’s were McGuffey Readers.  There were McGuffey readers for each grade 1-6.  And these texts always had a list of words that you had to master each semester.  Well, if you should get your hands on a 6th grade McGuffey, you would discover that the word lists given in it exceed the average vocabulary of a college graduate in today’s world.

Needless to say, we would feel remiss without this simple little course, Study Technology Basics, being a prerequisite.  We want everyone to understand the training that you receive from UNS.  So it is a prerequisite to all the StudyJet courses.  That doesn’t mean you have to keep redoing the study course every time you study a new StudyJet course.  That would only occur if we found you not applying the tech contained on how to study in this amazingly simple but effective course.

“I appreciate and value the information in this course. I hope this information can spread across the world to help improve and enhance a person’s experience of learning any and all subjects! Then we can each realize what we are truly capable of and get to it!”
Angela Renner

“I really appreciate this course. It feels like I have been refreshed and reminded to slow down, listen and read more carefully to get clear meaning of things. We often speed read to grasp a main point of something or quick answer and move on, when in fact we may not really understand what we could at all. Though our holiday’s winter experiences have made this take a while to get through, much has been gained by learning this study technology. For myself personally, it already been utilized and looking forward to sharing what I‘ve learned with my grandchildren. Thanks again!!”Michelle Robillard

“Great class. I now understand why this will be required before other classes. I wish I would have had this before the other classes I took. I would have understood and learned a bit more.” – Sara Teague 

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