Grow Your Practice Income with StudyJet Courses

UNS is now offering training courses for practice owners and their staff, utilizing a revolutionary new training platform called StudyJet.

We know from experience that the biggest hurdle any health care professional has to overcome when it comes to training is time away from the practice.  This is a common barrier amongst ALL health care professionals no matter what discipline. There’s also the barrier of financial cost when it comes to sending your staff to UNS to train on anything.

The StudyJet training platform solves the problems of travel expenses and time away from your practice for you and your staff. This platform can be used from any desktop, laptop or tablet so you and your staff can do these training courses right at your office or home.

But that’s not all.

This new training platform is specifically designed to ensure a much greater level of success in terms of you and your staff actually being able to apply the information learned. Because if you can’t actually apply the information, then the training doesn’t do you any good.


Most online learning leaves an individual on his own when studying online.  You go online, study some material, answer some questions, do multiple-choice quizzes, etc.  You can also go past words you don’t understand, go blank, get drowsy, drift off into some daydream and have no one there to catch you when that happens or talk with you and help you if you have questions.

StudyJet solves this problem. We can train your staff while they are sitting at their own workstation.  That workstation simply must be equipped with a webcam and microphone. We have prepared a datasheet for you on all the technical requirements for any user of this system.  Very simple.  Very inexpensive.

We can now train 12 people at a time with one tutor.  And we have plenty of tutors.

At EPM we are all about helping you to improve your practice and make it smoother and easier for you as the practice owner. Getting your staff trained in the various aspects of their jobs, so they can be fully functioning and productive employees, will make your practice more productive and make your life easier.

StudyJet Course List

Click on each of the titles below to learn more about each course.

How to Study Smarter

Essentials of Running a Successful Practice

The New Patient Pro Course

Healthcare Personnel Essentials

Cash Flow Management Course

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